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Dear God

After six failed attempts, a desperate couple trying for a baby is confronted with infertility. Determined not to give up, they decide to take matters into their own hands.

Timneisha Greene Kim, the director of Dear God is a native of Los Angeles County. She studied sociology during her academic career at California State University of Dominguez Hills. Later, she decided to get back to her love of writing. Athena's Quest: A Lesbian's Quest For Normality is her first published work. After publishing her first book based on her life, she became heavily interested in screenwriting where she later created her first short film, Dear God.

Director Statement Dear God is a short film written by me personally, Timneisha Greene Kim. I decided to be hands-on with directing and producing the film because it is personal to my life. Having difficulties trying to conceive has been a tough journey as a woman and I found myself feeling alone during the process, especially being a person of color and a lesbian. I wanted to tell this story in hopes of finding community and in hopes that someone will see themselves portrayed and do not have to feel alone like I did. For me, representation of infertility and LGBTQIA stories within film is needed and wanted. We exist, we are here, and our stories must be told. Dear God shows the ups and the downs within relationships and what they go through behind closed doors, and offer a sense of hope.

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