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Little t

Follow Alexis, a recent college graduate, on the most stressful day of her life - her dream job interview. She's armed with a resume, design portfolio, and two trusted companions: her 'inner critic' and 'inner child.' Join Alexis on a journey through the origins of comfort food as she uncovers new depths within herself and finds the courage to be her own advocate. Will this be enough for Alexis to land her dream job?

"Little t" is Masha's directorial debut, this project is a part of Pixar's co-op program! Masha is a lead technical director in characters department at Pixar Animation Studios. She started her career in 2007 when she became an intern on "Ratatouille" working on sets and lighting. Later she transitioned into characters working on feature films like "UP", "Toy Story 3", "Brave", "Cars 2", "Inside Out", "Finding Dory", "Cars 3", "Good Dinosaur", "Coco", "Incredibles 2" , "Onward" and "Turning Red". Masha was born and raised in northern Ukraine, graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah with a double degree in Computer Science and Visual Art.

In her director Statement on FilmFreeway, she has stated that a few years ago she was hitting a career plateau and looking for a new challenge, only to find herself doubting every idea she came up with, and being worried about failing at everything. She couldn’t shake off that paralyzing feeling, until one day she read a message in a fortune cookie, from a local fast food joint, that said “Silence the critic within.”

She heard about this “inner critic” character before; and finally realizing why she felt stuck, she jumped head deep into learning where this “inner critic” came from, why she got it, and lastly, how to “silence” it. At the end of her research journey, it only felt right to share what she found through film. “Little t” short film became the challenge she was longing for.


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