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Rebecca Christi Talks about SLA

SLA is about a successful Owner of an Authentic European Wine Boutique was enjoying the fruits of her labor until she realized she wasn't alone in ownership. The State Liquor Authority not only owned her store but her soul.

I have been in acting since 13 in theater and now currently have had opportunities in TV episodes( both USA and Canada.) and in film . I do standup and produce shows throughout the Northeast for 7 years now . I have performed with all paid sold out shows. I love the art of the story and now want to submit my first screen play SLA

Rebecca Christi is an entrepreneur who is always willing to learn and grow.

She owned an exclusive European Wine Boutique that was very successful for approximately 9 years. She also owned a wine tour company and a machine shop . She would like to shine as an accomplished story teller for film (screenplay) and a successful actress.

It was our pleasure to speak to Rebecca regarding her latest script.

What was the inspiration behind the writing of "SLA"?

The inspiration behind the writing of SLA was because 75% of the contents happened to me . I owned an exclusive european wine boutique and was one day happy and successful. The next day my world changed. It was my turn to get a" visit" from The state liquor authority. Every liquor and wine store gets a" visit". It has all to do with authority figures who should not be in a position of power. It truly was a nightmarish experience.

What were some of the challenges of writing the script?

Some of the challenges in the script was to tell the fictional parts with as much realism as possible.. To make the fictional pieces not only fit,however,give the story a thriller like composition and feel to keep the viewer engaged and guessing

When did you realize that you wanted to write scripts and what was the first script that you wrote?

I felt 7 years ago I wanted to write scripts . It became of huge interest of mine when I was writing sets for my comedy routines . My very first script is SLA .I am currently working on another.

Which directors or writers have been influential in your work and why?

The directors and writers who have been influential in my work are the directors Martin Scorsese and Ron Howard , The reason is both direct using and researching the real meaning within the story as opposed to replaying a story , That quality is what I feel allows their productions and scripts to stand out and become iconic.

What genre of scripts do you like to write?

The genre of scripts I like to write are thrillers. I do ,however,like dramatic scripts

What is the most challenging aspect of turning a script into a film?

The most challenging aspect of turning the script into film is 3 fold. 1. financially and 2.Film crew -to find the right fit of a team who understands the script and purpose. 2. To cast correctly

Do you ever plan to direct your script and make it into a film?

I would like to turn my script into film . I am currently working towards that goal. I also plan to have a significant role in the film so I would hire a director

How can cinema, media or writing change the world and have an impact on society?

Cinema, media and writing has always had a significant change in society. It oftens sets the bar of trends ,popularity and direction of interest in a society, It is why writers and directors have a huge responsibility . Example, if you are writing an educational documentary to help save lives by improving health, the writer must know what she/he's talking about . The facts must be clear and based on science to not be misleading or misinform . A writer can open a society to ideals and notions , to make them think and broaden their perceptions for positive change.

What is your next script project?

My next screenplay is in progress as we speak. The setting takes place in one room with my elder Italian relatives . I am writing as I remember how they interacted.. There are many surprising moments.

Why do you like to write and what draws you to the language of cinema and scriptwriting?

I like to write because it's not only cathartic, moreover,I am never sure entirely where the story is going to take me . it gives me great pleasure to see where that path goes.. Both of those reasons are why I like cinema and the language of scriptwriting . The imagination is truly limitless . To see it come alive in cinematic form is truly genius


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