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Do not miss the winners of Venice Shorts

Venice Shorts of Los Angeles is an annual festival with live screenings in cinemas of LA and an IMDb qualifying seasonal competition devoted to international and American short films of all genres. Every year, the fest screens the finalists of the year at the Fine Arts Theater and various venues in LA in January.

It is important for the committee of Venice Shorts to recognize and promote the power of short filmmaking from all over the world. The organization is dedicated to short films of all genres and independent artists from all over the globe. The seasonal competition of Venice Shorts has turned into a very popular fest for indie films, scripts, and all artists working on shorts.

“Venice Beach’s birth in 1905 couldn’t come at a better time for Hollywood. Abbot Kinney’s “Fantasy By The Sea”, was just starting out when the brand-new movie industry came to California for its year-round sun. For the next hundred years, Hollywood’s love affair with Venice would bring entertainment to millions all over the world.”—Edward Thomas Company

Venice Shorts was founded by a team of American and Canadian filmmakers at the Venice Beach of California. In the past few years, the fest has also featured some of the most well-known names in the film industry together with emerging U.S. and international talents. The festival alumni include Oscar winners and nominees such as Gus Van Sant, Jeremy Irons, Eric Roberts, Ross Kauffman and Jessica Chastain. The festival aims to discover indie film projects but also encourages established names in the industry to take part in creation of short films as producers, directors, actors and writers.  It is our pleasure to announce the latest seasonal winners of Venice Shorts.


Best Narrative Film


Director: Arjen Schotel

Best Documentary

Is It Because I'm a Girl

Director: Peter Decherney

Honorable Mention Documentary


Director: Patricia Wagner

Best Indie Short

HAV (The Sea)

Director: Claes Cem Constantine

Best Director

Antonio Palacios

Flip Side (Desconocidos)

Best First-Time Filmmaker

Trees don't grow into heaven

Director: Alexander Meineche

Best Actress

Charlotte Rothwell

Everything's Fine

Best Actor


Renato Fimene

Honorable Mention Actor


It Is What It Is (or The Standards of Outrage)

Best Experimental


Director: Celia Arias, Manuel Mollá

Best Animation

The Burial of Natty Bumppo

Director: Fred Burns

Honorable Mention Animation

Tennis, Oranges

Director: Sean Pecknold

Best Web/TV Pilot-Series

Don't Lose Your Heart

Directors: Wilder Simmons, Michelle Manning Manning


Red Rose Aroma

Director: Aurel Naqi

Best Thriller

We Will Find YOU

Director: Judson Vaughan

Best Science Fiction


Director: Chris Durr

Honorable Mention Sci-Fi

Death of Atom

Director: Scott Crenshaw

Best Music video

Return To Skye

Director: Scott Johnson

Honorable Mention Music Video

AMMO 'Harm'

Directors Adrian Pruett, AMMO

Best Horror


Director: Adrien Caulier

Best Comedy

Call Me Matthew

Director: Remy Cayuela

Best Producer



Honorable Mention Producer

Paula Randol-Smith & Jan Wieringa


Best Cinematographer

Shane Serrano

Jasmine 茉莉花

Best Editor

Andres Rovira

Why Am I Like This

Best Composer

Liam Phan

Paloma (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Honorable Mention Composer

Farzam Salami

I Love This Country

Best Youth Actor/Actress

Jocelyn James Turner


Best Student Film


Director: Teddy Alvarez-Nissen

Honorable Mention Student Film

Red Rain

Director: Samer Saifan

Best Female Director



Best Screenplay (Produced)


Writer: Antoine Paul Blanche

Best Screenplay (Unproduced)

Redemption Raiders

Writers: Christopher Blair Harmon, Rodney Kay Jackson


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