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Butterfly Boxing starring Hill Harper (The Good Doctor, ABC) and J. Alphonse Nicholson (P. Valley, STARZ), has been picking up awards at festivals including: Best Ensemble and Best Director (Short) at Festigious Film Festival, Honorable Mention, Best Short Film, Best Director and Best Actors at TopShorts, and Best Short, Best Director, and Best Actor at the 7th edition of LA Independent Women Film Awards.

"The universe has a way of aligning forces together at the right time for a precise outcome. As a successful creative executive for a top 5 cable and streaming network, I was feeling stagnant. Though I oversee and develop some of tv’s biggest reality shows, I felt a redundancy in my day to day. It’s similar to the moment Rose has while staring at the washer cycle. I was stuck in a loop producing the same type of content year after year. I worked tirelessly to achieve a masters in film and tv production so that I can create dynamic and compelling stories in all genres. When I read Joselyn’s script about dreams deferred and being afraid to follow your passion, I knew that I had to step out of my box and work with her. I decided to take on the role of executive producer of both Butterfly Boxing and Shadowboxing because I can see the vision she has for both films and I want to help execute it. When I read the script, the scenes with magical realism danced off the pages. The story was different and special but still relatable and not too far off into fantasy. Audiences will see themselves in one or all of the characters and relate to the human story. I am so excited to be working with a talented filmmaker like Joselyn. Her writing and directing style is idyllic and dreamy. She has a clear vision and approach to making films. It's hard to come across talented people who are also easy to work with. I can't wait to see these projects come to life!"

- Salena Rochester EP, Shadowbox & Butterfly Boxing // VP Production & Development, NBC Universal

"When I read Joslyn Rose Lyons' short film Butterfly Boxing, I immediately connected to the story. I think time and magical realism go hand in hand, in the sense that they give a little more mystery and magic to life. What others call magic realism is normal to me".

- Erika Conner, Co-Executive Producer

“I'm grateful to have worked with such an amazing team. Our cast and crew on Butterfly Boxing were incredible, and having an almost entirely women-led production team was powerful. It's a gift to be able to work so closely with friends. And I'm honored to have Hill Harper and J. Alphonse Nicholson as part of the executive producing team. It's been an inspiring process and project.”

- Joslyn Rose Lyons, Director, Writer, Executive Producer

Joslyn was invited by the Oscars/Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science to be a guest panelist on their Academy Gold showcase. The Academy Gold Rising Program is a talent development, diversity and inclusion initiative designed to enhance internship experiences under the Academy brand. Joslyn served as a producer on the NAACP Award Winning documentary Speaking Truth to Power, where she partnered with STARZ #TakeTheLead, STARZ's initiative to amplify narratives by, about and for women and underrepresented audiences. Joslyn is a member of the Alliance for Women directors (AWD).


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