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LA Independent Film Channel

LA Independent Film Channel provides online screening to various festivals and indie filmmakers from all over the globe. The channel also has a contest for independent artists to be promoted and recognized in each edition of the festival. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the latest edition of the contest.

Best Independent:

Director: Tam Hoang Thanh Tran

Best Director:

Director: Vivek Beergunnot

Best Narrative Short & Best Actor

Directors: Chozy Aiyub, Malik J Ali

Actor: Chozy Aiyub

Best Experimental:

Director: Antonio Bellido Marín

Best Feature Script:

Writer: Patrick Timpone

Best Short Script:

Not So Different

Writer: Soda S Persi

Best Unproduced Screenplay:

Lucky Phil

Writer: Christopher Swider

Best Animation & Best Actress:

The Securely Conferred, Vouchsafed Keepsakes of Maery S

Director: Sibyl Kempson

Actress: Dee Dorcas Beasnael


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