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The Award Winners of Venice Shorts

Venice Shorts announced the latest winners of its monthly edition and the list is filled with very promising talents from all over the world. The Californian based festival has become very popular by indie filmmakers from U.S. and all over the world and they have offered groundbreaking ways for indie filmmakers to be promoted and featured through the festival. All the monthly winners will also be further nominated for the annual awards. The festival also offers monthly screenings through L.A. Independent Film Channel for filmmakers who are interested to further promote and screen their films. Venice Shorts chooses the award winners in various categories and also recognizes some of the talents with honorable mentions.

Here is the full list of the winners:

Best U.S. Narrative Film & Best Cinematography

Esther's Choice

Directed by: Alia Azamat Ashkenazi Cinematography by: Guillermo Cameo

Best U.S. Directing

Bathtub Chronicles

Directed by: Rebecca Ruhm

Best International Narrative Film

The Little Pest

Directed by: Lucas Pouliquen

Best International Directing


Directed by: Andrew De Zen

Best Producer

Bathtub Chronicles

Produced By:

Robert Sciglimpaglia - Mario Garciduenas - Rebecca Ruhm

Best First Time Filmmaker


Directed by: Geoff Bell

Best Female Filmmaker


Directed by: Tequoia Urbina

Best Animation

Can I Have a Mask?

Directed by: Sahan Jayawardena



Directed by: ALAA SAFI

Best Science Fiction

Invasion 2040

Directed By: Cesar Alejandro Turturro

Best Thriller

The Politness of Kings

Directed by: Saifi Haroun

Best Emerging Star

Kate Jean Hollowell

For writing, directing, producing and starring in Are They Smiling?

Best Music Video


Directed by: Brad Devine

Best Comedy

Bucko & Junior

Directed By: Jordan Rader

Best Series

Is A Violist

Directed By: Isabel Hagen

Best Composer

Under Pressure

Composed By: Galo Ortiz

Best Actor

Jesse Allis for 5 Stages

Best Actress

Lia Peralta for Bathtub Chronicles

Best Youth Actor

Ambz Negro for Lost Between The Trees

Best Youth Actress

Léontine Doncieu for The Little Pest

Best U.S. Documentary

Life Without Parole: The Sammy Gladden Story

Directed by: Mackenzie Robertson

Best International Documentary

The Beatles and Us

Directed by: Chris Purcell

Best U.S. Experimental


Directed by: Carlos Torres

Best International Experimental

The Nameless Call - Inside Costa Rica

Directed by: Wow Tapes

Best U.S. Student Film

How We Fare Well

Directed by: Dale Campo

Best Horror


Directed by: Vik Ramen

Honorable Mention Drama


Directed by: Joe Stramowski

Open My Eyes

Directed by: Solveiga Serova

The Last Waltz

Directed by: Jean-Baptiste Delannoy

Honorable Mention Documentary

Aged out

Directed by: Kyle Stefanowicz

4/8 | Beirut

Directed by: Patrick Kohl

D-REP: Fight for Life

Directed by: Michael Mazzanti

Honorable Mention Science Fiction


Directed by: Bruno du Bois

Honorable Mention in Student Filmmaking


Directed by: Jennifer Kolbe

A Call Above the Clouds

Directed By: Leeni Linna

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