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The Best of the month in LA Indies

It is with great pleasure for the LA Indies committee to announce the best of the monthly contest in LA Indies magazine.

Best Narrative Film:

The Wasteland

Director: Yuchi Tian

Best Directing:

Directors: JD Allen, Vincent Vargas

Best Documentary:

Directors: Isaac Green Diebboll, Rita Fortenberry

Honorable Mention Documentary:

Director: Phil Comeau

Honorable Mention Documentary:

Director: Laura Puccia Valtorta

Best Comedy & Best Actress & Best Actor:

Sanitize This!

Directors: DJ Higgins, Stefan Fulton

Best Science Fiction:

Director: Anthony J. Cook

Best Horror:

Director: William Jody Ebert

Best Animation:

Director: Jason Spizzo

Best Student Film:

Director: Jacob Harding

Best Series:

Director: Freddie Basnight

Best Experimental:

Director: N.P. Novack

Honorable Mention Experimental:

Director: Graham Sack

Honorable Mention Experimental:

Director: Petra Eischeid

Best Script: Free Yourself Writer: Kelly LaCombe


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