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Winners of Venice Shorts of California

Venice Shorts objective is to discover and recognize indie shorts film and screenplays of all genres from all over the globe. Emerging U.S. and international independent talents have been officially selected and competed alongside Oscar winning artists and nominees of Venice Shorts in the past couple of years.

The festival aims to discover indie film projects but also encourages established names in the industry to take part in creation of short films as producers, directors, actors and writers.

The festival has been growing in popularity and ranks as one of the most popular visionary online festivals on FilmFreeway. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of Venice Shorts in LA Indies.

Best Narrative Film

Hypernormality Director: Jordan Illel Cardoso

Honorable Mention Narrative


Director: Andrés Hernández Covarrubias

Best Documentary

Shadow Girls Directors: Salma Phillips, Abiola Matesun

Best Indie Short


Director: Sarah Gordon

Best First Time Filmmaker

Who's Whose

Director: Laura Salagnac

Best Experimental


Director: Mathieu Lévesque

Best Web/TV Pilot-Series


Director: Ingrid FRANCH


Look In My Eyes

Director: Eddie Baca

Best Animation

No man's Land

Director: Kim HyunJong

Best Music video

Cash Money Honey

Director: Will Branner

Best Horror

Director: Steven Belcher

Best Thriller

Director: John Williams

Best Science Fiction

Director: Christopher Mitchell

Honorable Mention Science Fiction


Director: Eugenio Villamar

Best Short Film Producer & Honorable Mention Directing

Producers: Sabrina Cooper and Jonathan J. Williams

Bend In The Road

Director: PJ Germain

Best Comedy


Director: Rusty Sarhan

Best Student Film

Fools Gold

Director: Shailesh Singh

Best Short Film Editor

Deanna Devi

Biscuit Dust

Best Unproduced Script


Writer: Sena Tunali

Best Trailer

You Can Kiss Me

Director: Jan Jalenak

Best Short Film Director

Director: Brian Yuran


Best Short Film Actor

Bob Mclean


Best Short Film Cinematographer

Eyal Gamili Holtzeker

The Story of Cuba

Best Short Film Actress

Kiri Hartig

Best Short Film Script

A.J. Ciccotelli


Best Female Director

Larissa James


Best Youth Actor/Actress

Phoenix Wilson Irvine and Neila Manson

Real World

Best Composer

Grace Fisher

A Critter Fable

Best Poster (Artist



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