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Women's Lens Screening of LA Independent Women Film Awards

LA Independent Women Film Awards is devoted to female voices and female talents in media, and we focus on international and U.S. projects of all genres directed and produced by women in film and media. The latest Women's Lens Screening of 2024 was a successful event which screened many projects from international and American directors at the Fine Arts Theatre of Beverly Hills.

The festival has successfully screened and promoted hundreds of projects throughout the past years in various cinemas of LA and digitally through LA Independent Women every season. The committee offers promotion and screening to projects with a female producer, director, lead actress, writer, cinematographer, editor and composer. Screening is not mandatory for the seasonal competition and projects may compete without online screening in our IMDb qualifying festival. Screening is only mandatory for the finalists of the annual program at the Fine Arts theater.

All topics related to women's thoughts, women's fate, life conditions, women's views and so on are welcome to participate. All the winners will be promoted through our platform, social media and various magazines in California. All the winners may request to receive certificates, laurels and further online screening and promotion through LA Independent Women.

The mission of the festival is designed to help create a platform for talented female artists to be recognized for their projects and more importantly, get them the industry exposure to help sustain their craft for many years to come.

LA Independent Women Film Awards is an outstanding popular event which has devoted itself to the language of cinema and featuring female artists working in media from all over the world.


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