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16th Edition of Venice Shorts of California

Venice Shorts objective is to discover and recognize indie shorts film and screenplays of all genres from all over the globe. The online festival has featured some of the most well known names in the film industry together with emerging U.S. and international talents. It is important to realize the power of short filmmaking and it is fantastic to see well known names being involved in the production of meaningful, thought provoking indie short films of all genres.

The festival alumni includes Oscar winners and nominees such as Gus Vant Sant, Jeremy Irons, Eric Roberts, Ross Kauffman and Jessica Chastain. The festival aims to discover indie film projects but also encourages established names in the industry to take part in creation of short films as producers, directors, actors and writers. It is with great pleasure for us to announce the winners of the 16th edition of Venice shorts of California.

A still from First...

Best Narrative Film First... Director: Adam Hartwiński Best Documentary Korean GENOCIDE Director: Seung-il Chon Best Indie Short Amen Director: Bodi Rajkumar

Honorable Mention Indie Short

Wait for the dog

Directors: Ian Rowe, Dillon Petrillo Best First Time Filmmaker Maron Doll Directors: Soo Chyun, Yoo Seok Jong Best Experimental Temporal Properties of the World – Passage Director: Lynn Lukkas Best Animation Death and the Winemaker Director: Victor Jaquier

Best Web/TV Pilot-Series Cray Director: Sonia Sawkar Best LGBTQ Plainclothes Director: Carmen Emmi Best Thriller Richard Director: Brad Rundblade Best Music video Trash/glue Director: Lucy Makhova

Best Horror Close Your Eyes Director: Andy Chen Best Science Fiction The Combine Director: Micah Chambers-Goldberg Best Student Film A Swedish Defence Director: Simon Elvås

Best Comedy Quarantine Fling Director: Milo Shandel

Honorable Mention Comedy


Director: Traci Hays

Best Unproduced Script THE SICKEN Writer: DANNY ALEX Best Trailer THE BEST MAN'S PRIVILEGE Director: Andy Maycock Best Short Film Director UNTHINKable Director: Dave Taylor Best Short Film Producer Tammy Hyler WAY BACK IN THE WOODS Best Short Film Actress Carlie Guevara Spaceship

Best Short Film Actor Raul Tortosa Mendez Shadowed Best Short Film Cinematographer Guardians of Paradise

Ivan Maria Friedman Best Short Film Script THE SICKEN Writer DANNY ALEX Best Short Film Editor Henrik pierce TARANTULA teaser: a Time for Love Best Female Director Anna Ramey Borden A Study In Conservation Best Composer Yantra de Vilder Brave New World Best Youth Actor/Actress Léon Bricout One's Right to Solitude Best Poster The Molt Director: Willy Orr December 14th, 2021


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