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17th edition of Venice Shorts

The 17th edition of the Venice Shorts of California brings together U.S. and international projects to compete in various sections of the seasonal festival. Venice Shorts continues its online seasonal festival and offers online screening and promotions in association with LA Channel and LA Indies. Film projects may request to promote and screen online through the festival upon selection. The festival is an IMDb qualifying event which has grown in popularity over the past years and ranks as one of the most popular short festivals in world. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the the latest seasonal edition of the festival.

Best Narrative Short & Best Director & Best Script

It's Probably Me

Director: Erik Almas

Honorable Mention Director & Best Editor

90 miles

Director: Leslie Lluvet, Santiago Calogero

Honorable Mention Director

I'm Fine

Director: Justin Ho

Best Documentary

A girl can change the world

Director: Andrea Ureno

Best Indie Short

The Last Altruist

Director: Vance Crofoot

Best First Time Filmmaker


Director: Marley Hasselbach

Best Experimental


Director: Christopher Lewis-Smith

Best Animation


Director: Nicholas Tory

Honorable Mention Animation

BUG THERAPY Director: Jason Reisig

Best Web/TV Pilot/Series

The Story of Art in America

Director: Christelle Bois



Director: Charlotte Kennett

Best Thriller


Director: Manolo Campos

Best Music Video

Brune: Tides Director: Jeffrey Riley

Honorable Mention Music Video

ELYAZ - Remember Home

Director: Mauro Elias Morone

Best Horror


Director: Roma Glova

Best Science Fiction

Interlude - A Star Trek Fan Production

Director: Victoria Fox, Joshua Michael Irwin

Best International Student Film

Home Director: Laura Strausz

Best U.S. Student Film

Venice Drifting

Liam Peter Mills

Honorable Mention U.S. Student Film: Midnight Bound

Director: Anthony Battaglia

Best Comedy


Director: Carine Hazan

Best Short Film Producer

Alicia Buckner

Last Warning Shot

Best Short Film Actress

Cathryn De Prume

It's Probably Me

Honorable Mention Actress

Sara Ruth Brown


Best Short Film Actor

Nick W. Nicholson

The Last Altruist

Best Short Film Cinematographer

Balázs Márton

Left the bicycle behind

Best Female Director

Alexandria Collins

Woman To Woman

Best Composer

Guido Consoli


Best Youth Actress

Lilah Sandberg

My dad's an alien!

Best Youth Actor

Emiliano Medina

With His Eyes Closed

Best Trailer

Always Come In Second Directors: Todd Lien, YiFu Li

Best Unproduced Script

WriterJohn R Kestner

Honorable Mention Short Script (Unproduced)

Nostalgia at Eight

Writer: Christopher Landis


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