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24th Seasonal edition of Venice Shorts

Venice Shorts of Los Angeles is an international competition and an annual screening event in LA. The festival committee is devoted to the recognition, promotion and screening of the best international shorts every year in LA. The next live screening of the festival will be at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills on January 28th.

The finalists of the year are selected by the programmers from the winners and honorable mentions of the seasonal competition in various categories. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the Fall/2023 of Venice Shorts.

Best Narrative Film & Best Director

Rare Land Director: Efthimis Hatzis

Best Documentary

The Walk Director: Jonny Stern

Best Indie Short

The Rocking Chair Director: Jeno Hodi

Best First-Time Filmmaker

Cottonmouth Director: Hailey Naomi Irvin

Best Actress

Lidia Vitale


Best Actor


Bobby Soto

Honorable Mention Actor

Andrew King Bach Bachelor

Miles Ryder

Best Experimental

Welcome To Hell Director: Zachary Bradtke

Best Animation

The Last Set

Director: Aisling Conroy

Honorable Mention Animation

Bloom In Director: Avery Robinson Rouda

Best Web/TV Pilot-Series


Director: Milo Edwards


The Last Take

Director: Brian Foyster

Best Thriller

Blood on the leaves

Director: Sharieff Salaam Walters

Best Science Fiction


Director: Anthony Di Pietro

Best Music video

LASTRY - Look at me now! Director: Amber Simone Theisen

Honorable Mention Music Video

Celebrated (All The Way Up)

Director: D. Christopher Campbell

Best Horror

13 Steps

Director: David Lawrence

Best Comedy

I'm Glad That You're Sorry Director: Jourdan Henderson

Honorable Mention Comedy

Pee Pee Platter Director: Jon Conklin

Honorable Mention Comedy

Long Beach Vice Director: Skylar Adams

Best Producer

Nourah Al Hasawi

Everything Is Not What It Seems

Best Cinematographer

Kevin Kohjus

Because We Were Happy

Best Editor

Federico Lagna

PENTACLUB (The Club of Five)

Best Composer

Jimmie LeBlanc


Best Youth Actress

Actress: Allegra Cockcroft Sand Castles

Best Youth Actor

Actor: Theologos Hatzis Rare Land

Best Student Film


Director: Bianka Bereczky

Best Female Director

Jess Fritz

Sane Men

Honorable Mention Documentary

A Proper Education Director: MaryLanae Linen

Best Screenplay (Produced)

Black Metal

Michael Hyon Johnson

Best Unproduced Script

Ashes to Dust

Clark Childers


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