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2nd Date

After a traumatic childhood, the loyalty of two best friends is put to the test to discover how far they are willing to go to find the love of their lives. Two hopeless romantics are searching for love in their 30’s. Despite having been best friends their whole lives, Jaik and Wyatt are still struggling with being with and without each other. After their group date colossal failure, Jaik and Wyatt realize they need professional help. A Matchmaker, Callie, and her Native American social media expert, Maeve, set Jaik and Wyatt on a zany quest that will test their bravery (and friendship). 2nd Date is fueled by an electrifying soundtrack of new hits and old favorites synced to everything from monster truck mudding to death-defying leaps while being chased on horseback. While rooting for the hearts of these two young men, we see love persevere throughout the story, praying that one day, after all of the chaos, it makes its way to Jaik and Wyatt to get their 2nd Date.

Jaik Andino is a producer, writer, actor. A dreamer who wears his heart on his sleeve, Jaik is an alumni of the prestigious Acting Lab program at Second City in Chicago where he began his acting career after 18 years as a global consultant advising C-level executives. Inspired by his experience in corporate America and growing up as a minority in America, his comedic storytelling draws directly from living a transient life across the U.S. and overseas to the absurdities found in boardrooms everywhere. As a first-generation American, Jaik draws on his real-life triumphs and traumas growing up the son of Indian immigrants in the heart of the Midwest. His versatility on stage and on-camera is motivated by his mission to communicate complex stories through drama and comedy that are relatable, educational and inspiring.

In 2023, Jaik will star in his writing debut and first feature film, 2nd Date. It is our pleaure to interview Jaik for LA Indies.

What was the inspiration behind the making of your film?

Growing up as a minority, I had a unique vantage point in being an American and an Indian. My parents migrated to the US in the late 70's. My dad is a walking comedy machine to say the least. He doesn't even realize it but his unique perspective coupled with how I was viewed with having dark skin and watching Star Trek growing up shaped a unique view on us all. I never truly saw color but then was forced too growing up in the US which has a long heritage of viewing differences in people. My inspiration was to create a story to have this discussion on race, friendship, love through comedy. I'm hoping viewers will laugh, cry and be forced to go get pancakes after the movie and have a discussion about life :)

What is the most challenging aspect of working on this particular genre?

The most challenging aspects were weaving together a complex story across many comedy styles (dating comedy, buddy comedy road trip, save the wedding, culture clash). I had a choice early on to choose one path but decided to continue with the more complex storyline. I felt that this provided a unique story with a fresh way to have discussions on these complex topics about childhood trauma, friendship, race, love.

When did you realize that you wanted to work in media and make films and what was the first film project that you worked on?

When I was a child! Specifically 9 years old we had to do a short presentation in front of our class. Somehow I convinced my mom to bring in many boxes and we created an elaborate stage. I performed like a wild child telling a crazy story and had the whole class laughing (minus the teacher who was not amused haha) I was named class clown in highschool and the greatest joy I have in life is to make you laugh. I can't explain it exactly but when I make someone laugh, my whole spirit is energized. It feels like the sun is beaming a ray of light directly into my soul. So its still unclear what that means as it relates to working in media but I do know that every fiber of me needs to finish this film. I started writing this film 7 years ago after 3 nightmares. The 3rd one I found myself in my bathroom on the floor and didn't know how I got there. Dazed and confused, I said, ok god, its time to go do this. I'm taking a leap of faith in 2022 to go live my dream :)

How did you choose the cast and the crew of the film and what was the most interesting or challenging aspect of production?

N/A (I have many stars in my mind but my idol is Olivia Wilde - did you know she lived on a bus! I loved her directorial debut - Booksmart. I know its a long shot dream but if I could ask god or a genie or some other supernatural being for one thing, it would be for Olivia Wilde to direct this film.

What genre of filmmaking fascinates you as a director and which genres do you prefer to continue working on? Comedy is a great place to communicate complex topics. I'd like to continue having dialogue about race, love, family and personal topics through comedy. I also love Sci-Fi (growing up with Star Trek) and History and have two other scripts that I have started in these genres.

How can cinema change the world and have an impact on society?

Cinema has the power to connect us through emotions. To take us away from our daily lives and into an imaginary world where we can learn and grow together. This story says that two people, from different cultures, different skin colors can be the best of friends. We (humans) tend to view each other's differences rather than our similarities and it typically leads to conflict. As Wyatt says in the story, you can choose hate as racism will exist or you can choose love, my friendship. The choice is always ours to make and that simple dialogue, even if it can touch one person, can spread like wildfire across the world!

What is your next film project?

I have started working on a character study story on Alexander the Great. I've also been continuing to focus on acting and pursuing a career in the field.


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