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Best of LA Independent Film Channel

LA Independent Film Channel has its own contest which selects the best of indie projects in a variety of categories dedicated to arts and indie cinema. The channel also screens indie films for artists and has dedicated itself to the promotion of motion pictures and cinema.

Here is the list to the latest winners:

Best Feature Documentary:

Director: Paul G Roberts

Best Narrative Short

Blind Faith Director: Bruce Hickey

Best Science Fiction

What the Prophets Last Say to Earth Writer Justin Schumann

Best Animation

LUCHA and the EKEKO Director: Roger Edwards

Best Experimental

The Model Director: Shira Cohen Elias and Yoni Green

Best Script

Little Things Mean a Lot Writer: Michael Monteith

Honorable mention Script

The Hollywood'll Eat Writer: Jeffrey Riley Kazanjian

Best Pilot

Experience the World - The Train Director: Duro Howard Jr.

Best composer

Geoff Levin Tim Janssens


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