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Jessica Lange Decries Hollywood’s Lack Of Creativity In her Interview

Jessica Lange feels Hollywood is a place “where creativity is secondary now to corporate profits.”

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, she said that she’ll retire if that trend continues, saying she is going to “start phasing out of filmmaking.”

“The emphasis becomes not on the art or the artist or the storytelling. It becomes about satisfying your stockholders,” said Lange, 74. “It diminishes the artist and the art of filmmaking.”

She added that she rarely finds “wonderful films by really great filmmakers” with solid stories and great characters. That leaves her with “no desire to see 90 percent” of theatrical releases.

Lange, who starred in King Kong back in 1976 and has appeared on American Horror Story, said she’s “not interested in these big comic-book franchise films. I think that they’ve sacrificed this art that we’ve been involved in… for the sake of profit,” she said.

Beyond the lack of creativity, Lange said she hates ageism and the “frantic editing” of today’s films. “I don’t know if it’s because the filmmakers think that they can’t hold the attention of the audience anymore,” she said. “That kind of filmmaking drives me crazy.”

While she contemplates her next move, Lange feels any move away won’t be noticed.

“I’m sure they won’t miss me at all,” she said.


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