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Oscar’s Group home

“Oscar’s Group home” and was the LA Indies winner for best script for the March edition. Oscar’s home for children is a group home for orphans. The story focus on (Steven, Wes, Jackson, Nolan, Quentin, and Lucas). after Stevens death after his leaves the house on his 18th birthday, Oscar (the guardian of the house) reaches out to them so they don’t make the mistake Steven did as well as prepare them for when they leave home and inspiring them to follow their dreams.

When an orphan boy dies after turning 18, a Group home director turns to the rest of the Orphans and goes on a mission to prepare them for the real world after they turn 18 while also helping them turn their lives around. The script uses a lot of film references to some of the most iconic films, quotes, as well as the characters’ names are based on famous directors. So far is my second most successful screenplay with over 20 entries in festivals. It’s a personal story for me because the idea came to me after a friend posted a picture of him and his friend when he was studying abroad. It just snapped in my mind and made sense.

Isaac Ballesteros Barba is from Mérida, Yucatán, México. He moved to Arizona in 2013 after his dad bought a small company and that’s when he decided to major in film. He is the youngest out of four and has a twin brother, Daniel. He is an award-winning screenwriter with over 150 official selections, finalist, and semi-finalist status for his scripts in several different film festivals across the world. He has written over 20 feature scripts as well as 10 short films, two limited series, and a video game script. As far as features go, he works on psychological thrillers, dramas, westerns, sci-fi, dark comedy, comedy, children’s animation, romance, fantasy, space drama, superheroes, in Spanish, and coming of age. He has also been featured in NY Elite magazine for the same script “Oscar’s Group Home” when he placed finalist in International Screenplay Competition among other festivals.


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