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Raise my Dust: The Music of Fadi Awad

It is with great pleasure for LA Indies to interview Fadi Awad, a Canadian Multi-Awards Winner Music Artist as well as a Billboard and a Multi-Charted one, who has been awarded as a music composer, songwriter, DJ, and producer. He’s been working in the Industry since 1986 and his presence in the industry helped him select what’s beautiful & good from every genre. Fadi is truly considered a talented international artist who worked with many well known names and celebrities from several countries in many art projects. His music was charted in many radio stations and in many National Charts (USA, Germany, UK, Australia, France…) as well on Billboard, DRT, Euro Indie Chart, World Indie Chart, in the top digital stores, and more.

In 2020, his song "Release" lead the MTV-USA's Hot 20 Chart. His masterpiece "To Glory Land" has won The Best Music Video Short Award in Palermo's Eurovision Film Festival, The Award of The "Best Musical Short" in "Kyiv Film Festival", in the “One-Reeler” short film competition in LA, in The InterContinental Music Awards, as well as in “Austria International Film Festival”… He also won with it The Best Composer Award in The American Golden Picture International Film Festival. In 2021, his track “Raise My Dust (Extended Live Mix)" has won The Best Music Video Award in Paris International Film Festival, Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Fest, and Santa Monica Shorts.

Please tell us about the inspiration behind the creation of "Raise my Dust"?

- It's the essential need of lifting the world that we live in to a better and peaceful one...

When did you realize that you wanted to work in the music industry and what was the first project you created as a composer and musician?

- Many of my family members and friends are good musicians so i joined the Industry in the late 80s... I've learned to play on some instruments, as well as learned Musicology and Orchestration. I started as a DJ and then a producer and a songwriter and composer, and proudly Awarded in all these fields... I've done some remixing projects and assisted many artists in production, composition, and promotion from the beginning of the 90s... My first original official project that carried my name as a main artist was "Music is My Lover"...

What is your most favorite music genre and which musicians have been inspiring to your work?

- Since I'm an old school student who's been in the Industry since the late 80s, I was there when many music genres popped up, so I like what's beautiful from everything... As for the Musicians, I like many, but the most is Eumir Deodato who proved being a big Maestro in many good music genres...

Do you enjoy composing music for film? Which genre of cinema fascinates you as a musician?

- Yes I do in any genre. For more info, my team and I can be contacted to: ... As a musician, I like historical and motivational films as many of them have wonderful soundtracks.

What are you currently working on?

- An official 5 versions Ep Remake project of Kylie Minogue's golden hit "Step Back In Time", featuring Teddy Bennington. It's set to be released on the 1st of May..

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