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Venice Shorts winners are announced

Venice Shorts objective is to discover and recognize indie shorts film and screenplays of all genres from all over the globe. Emerging U.S. and international independent talents have been officially selected and competed alongside Oscar winning artists and nominees of Venice Shorts in the past couple of years. All the monthly award winners can be further selected for the annual festival and screening with cash awards and promotions. The finalists of the annual event are announced and screened every year. The festival has been growing in popularity and ranks as one of the most popular visionary online festivals on FilmFreeway. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of Venice Shorts in LA Indies.

Best Narrative Film:

Incognito Dir: Jacky Song

Best Documentary:

Lolo Dir: Keone & Mari Madrid

Best Indie Short:


Dir: Walter Mirkss

Best First Time Filmmaker:

The Brazilian Templars Mystery Dir: Next Anyextee, Neil Cabana

Best Experimental

Director: Gabriel Duarte

Best Animation & Best Music Video:

Kill, Kill, Kill Dir: Joe Read


BINDER Dir: Rick Clifton

Best Thriller


Best Horror

ART KILLS Dir: Chris Pittas

Best Science Fiction & Best Producer:

Birthday Boy Dir: Kamran Rathod

Producer: Chris Larsen

Best Student Film

The Musician Dir: Nithran Sisangngam

Best Comedy

Letter From God Dir: Johnny Rey Diaz

Best Script

Inked In Blood Short Writer: Paul Corricelli

Best Trailer

PROVIDENCE Dir: Damon Darrell , Lynia Love

Best Short Film Director & Best Actor:

Fusion Dir: Blerim Gjoci

Starring: Eric Roberts

Best Short Film Actress

Sandra Korzeniak Investigative experiment

Best Short Film Cinematographer

Investigative Experiment

Cinematographer: Edgar Grishchuk

Best Short Film Editor & Honorable Mention Indie Short:

Director: Santiago Larrauri

Editing: David Olson

Best Female Director

Our Feet Are Rooted Dir: Krista Imbesi

Best Composer

Ben Cooper There’s No Hell Like Home

Best Youth Actor/Actress

Gabriel Bateman Man Of The Harvest

Honorable Mention Youth Director:


Dir: Neela Gerayli


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