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Venice Shorts Winners

The award winners of the latest online edition of Venice Shorts are announced. The festival has been selecting, promoting and awarding groundbreaking short films of all genres from all over the world. The committee also provides online screening options throughout the month in order to screen and publicize its official selections and the award winners. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of Venice Shorts.

Best Narrative Film & Best Actor

Better Half

Directors: Pete Johnson, Adam Jones

Starring: Tom Mardirosian

Best Documentary Film

The Advocate

Director: UNHCR

Honorable Mention Documentary Protect the living, Honour the dead

Director: Melina Huet

Best Indie Short & Best Poster

A Soldier's Letter

Director: Calvin Yearsley

Honorable Mention Indie

The Present Mind Director: Chris Shaw

Honorable Mention Indie Short:

Undertow Director: Fareed Kairon

Best First Time Filmmaker

Pictures Only Director: Charles A. Honeywood

Honorable Mention First Time Filmmaker

A Mother’s Nature

Director: Brody Bernheisel

Best Experimental

Brèves histoires de pierres muettes (Brief Stories of Silent Stones

Director: Mario Côté

Honorable Mention Experimental

PORTALS Director: Adam Hans

Best Animation

Forgive Me

Directors: Michael Covello, Elizabeth Schneider

Best Web/TV Pilot-Series

One Woman

Directors: Dana Lerer, Michal Gassner, Ilana Reina, Limor Shmila, Tal Brenner

Best Narrative LGBTQ


Director: Kate Johnston

Best Documentary LGBTQ

AB HEUTE - Der lange Weg zum eigenen Namen Directors: Sophia Emmerich, Samuel Arndt

Best Thriller

Gus and Chloe

Director: Christopher Bates

Best Music video

All Cosmologies

Director: Vasco Mendes

Best Horror

Father Time

Director: Thomas Pickering

Best Science Fiction


Director: Tim Hamilton

Honorable Mention Science Fiction

El Camino Directors: Fernando Campos, Jaime Jasso

Best Comedy

Best Friends

Director: Craig Talbot

Best Script



Best Trailer

Better Half

Directors: Pete Johnson, Adam Jones

Best Director


Director: Nicolas Bosc

Best Producer

Human Condition

Producer: Aneka Manners

Best Actress & Best Cinematographer

Jump Seat

Actress: Alexa Ré

DOP: Dru Williams

Director: Aaron Colborn

Honorable Mention Best Actor

Dust To Dust

Director: Claudia Selby

Actor: David Westhead

Honorable Mention Cinematographer & Best Student Film

Walk Alone

Director: Lamu Shangchoo

DOP: Evan Feng

Best Editor & Honorable Mention Indie

A Nice Jew

Director: Sam Syrett

Best Female Director & Honorable Mention Student Film

Bea, Seriously

Director: Hanna Gray Organschi

Best Composer:

George Kostopoulos for Prelude & Fugue in Dm

Best Youth Actress

Kayden Tokarski for

Message from the Mermaids


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