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“Polished” is a vulnerable glimpse into the decisions - from simple to complex - a young woman must make while navigating through a busy work day in New York City.

Polished is directed by Colleen Dodge. Colleen has mentioned in her statement that in the ever-changing conversation surrounding women's healthcare and reproductive rights, I felt an urge to share my own story. This is a story of a young woman who is faced with the arduous choice of how it's best for her to cope with an unplanned pregnancy - all the while managing her work and personal life in the background. Even with knowing an elective abortion may be the right path, it’s never the less an emotional and challenging crossing for her. These heavy decisions are ones that women are expected to do entirely in private and keep their daily life going on in the background. I want to highlight the quiet moments that a young woman must endure as she works through these feelings that arise on her journey.

Watch Polished:


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