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Winners of LA Sun Film Fest

LA Sun Film Fest has been promoting international and American shorts, features and screenplays through its various competitions in the past few years. The emerging visionary festival has turned into a popular platform for international indie talents who are dedicated to the language of cinema. The winners of the LA Sun Film Fest were announced today by the judging team of the festival. It is our pleasure to announce the winners on LA Indies.

Best Narrative Feature

Director: Leon Mitchell

Best Narrative Short

One Man Band Director: Dekang Liu

Best Feature Documentary

Wielding the soul Director: Arantxa Vela

Best Short Documentary

Alchemy and Dust

Director: Aslan Bara

Best Student Film

Washing Off Makeup Director: Elliott Gerard Dynes

Best Animation Timeless , in the Metaverse Directors: Susan Mey Lee Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia, Christina Teenz Tan Best Indie Film The Visitation Director: Jarmo Juhani Salo

Best Actor Reza Dehghani Actors of god Best Director & Best Edit: Lucinda´s Pandora Sylvia Piechocki Gonzalez

Best Actress Katrina Syran Ellida

Best Screenplay (Unproduced)

Writer:Joseph Anthony Francis



Elliott Dynes
Elliott Dynes
Jan 06, 2023

Hi all, This is Elliott Dynes, the director of Washing Off Makeup. This was a project that was made with so much love. I've always been attracted to stories of empowerment in unfortunate situations because it's a struggle that's forced me to adapt to my surroundings since I can remember. This is the film's first win and to be chosen for the best student film brings me so much joy. Thank you and I'm so glad this film resonated with the judging committee the same way it has with me. Much love from Los Angeles, CA.


Thank you LA SUN FILM FESTIVAL for sending my work to the next level this means so much to me that Devil's Delight will have a chance to be read and seen.

Thank you

Bruce Smith.


Dear all, it is such an honour to be part of your festival. But to get the award for best director & in edit in short films is more than a gift. Thank you very much to support our voice against sexual abuse.

I´m so grateful for this honour - also in the name of the wonderful editor Ilya Gavrilenkow!

What a pity that I cannot be there - maybe next year.

What a motivation to continue in 2023 with my creativity ! I feel blessed !

Happy new year to all from Berlin

Sylvia Piechocki Gonzalez

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