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Annual winners of Venice Shorts

Venice Shorts of California is dedicated to the promotion and screening of American and international short films of all genres. The festival selects films for the various section of the seasonal festival and nominates the best of the season for its annual program. The latest annual screening of Venice Shorts was in Sepulveda Theater in association with Sepulveda Art Gallery in LA. The 10 award winning shorts of the year were screened with many directors attending the annual screening.

Here is the best of the annual which were screened:

Best International Short

The Widow

Director: Brendan Young

Best Female Director


Director: Diane Lansing

Best Animation

The Cat

Director: Mary Apick

Best Documentary

Guardians of Paradise

Director: Ivan Maria Friedman

Best Comedy

The Check

Director: Paul Santoli


FREE Director: Charlotte Kennett

Best US Short

It's Probably Me

Director: Erik Almas

Best First-time filmmaker

Venice Drifting

Director: Liam Peter Mills

Best Experimental Film

The Sands Between

Director: Aidan Tanner

Honorable Mention Short

Last Day on Earth

Director: Christian Jacob Eisenbarth


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