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Lost But Not Forgotten

In a picturesque farmhouse nestled in a small town, Hank and Jean, a devoted elderly couple, are confronted with the dark road that lies ahead. As the sun sets on their golden years, they brace themselves for a new chapter of their lives. Meanwhile, miles away in the city, their son Nicholas grapples with his own demons. Burdened by guilt and regret, he attempts to reconcile with his father and care for his ailing parents from a distance. Amidst the despair, Hank finds solace in the fragments of memories and perceptions that remain, helping him cope with his fading reality. They all must come to terms with their diminishing ability to control their circumstances and realize that some things in life simply cannot be fixed.

Jason Sedlar is a Slovenian/Canadian producer, director, writer, and actor. Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Sedlar developed a deep fascination with the performing arts from a young age. This passion has driven him to excel in various disciplines and establish himself as a versatile and talented artist. Sedlar's journey in the arts began with music. He honed his skills by studying at the prestigious Royal Conservatory of Music and the Arts Canterbury Arts Program. This foundation in music eventually led him to explore the realms of Musical Theatre and film, where he has been able to showcase his talent and versatility.

One of Sedlar's notable on-screen appearances was on the Discovery Channel's "See no evil," where he portrayed the determined Detective Foraker. He also brought the renowned journalist John Stossel to life in the captivating Crave series "The Dark Side of the Ring." Sedlar's ability to embody different characters and captivate audiences with his energy and charm has made him a sought-after actor.

In addition to his acting career, Sedlar has ventured into producing and directing. He has successfully produced and directed two large stage musical productions, including a recent ten-show, 900-seat production of "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street." These experiences have allowed Sedlar to further explore his passion for storytelling and create unforgettable experiences for audiences.

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