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Watch Remembering You

Inspired by true events, Remembering You, is a vivid and honest portrayal of a bereaved father (John) from a rural town in the southern United States, who searches for what remains possible after the tragic and sudden death of his daughter (Laina) due to complications from a medical abortion. Like so many of us who have suffered a loss, John is caught in a maze of memory, longing, guilt and recrimination from which he can’t escape. As John pieces together what really happened to his daughter, he comes to the realization that reproductive care is not just a simple choice, but a difficult and complicated endeavor for any woman who seeks one, especially in a small rural town where access to care is minimal. In an effort to get justice for his daughter, he turns his grief into action and gains the strength to tell his story in order to seek change.

The film is directed by Vera. As a writer and filmmaker, Vera is inspired by the everyday stories that we don’t often get to hear…stories that, on their face, may seem uncommon and unique, but ultimately have universal themes that we can all relate to in one way or another. Remembering You is a deeply personal project that embodies these truths and tells the very personal and emotional story of man trying to create meaning out of loss and who ultimately finds the courage to talk about his experience in order to heal. For Vera, writing this script and developing this project was not only a labour of love but also a significant privilege. She hopes that you enjoy this beautiful film and thanks you in advance to taking the time to watch it.

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