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Winners of LA Independent Women Film Awards

LA Independent Women Film Awards recognizes women's contributions all over the world, not only to narrative films but to documentaries as well. The festival has a bi-monthly and annual structure with online screening options through LA Independent Film Channel. The program consists of various categories dedicated to female artists working in media and contributing to the cinematic language. It is our pleasure to share the list of the winners of the latest edition of LA Independent Women Film Awards.

Best Narrative Feature & Best Producer & Best Actress

Gone Mom

Dir: Gail Harvey

Producer: Ilene Kahn Power

Starring: Annabeth Gish

Best Documentary Feature

Three Women, About slavery and Freedom

Dir: Ida Does

Best Narrative Short

The Wind Phone

Dir: Kristen Gerweck

Best Documentary Short

Surviving torture - Syria's Imprisoned women

Dir: Alexandra Pauliat

Best Short Director


Dir: Tara Elliott

Best Feature Director & Best Produced Script

His Wake

Writer: Sarah Carter

Dir: Sarah Carter

Best Female Director


Dir: Taihra Swaine

Best Horror


Dir: Jeremy Zelikovic

Producer: Tara Doustar

Best Animation

The Cat

Dir: Mary Apick

Honorable Mention Animation:


Dir: Kristen Yuan, Mild Kamolluck Niamkongkit

Best Experimental & Best Music Video


Dir: Edward Taveras and Cashavelly Morrison

Best Student Film

Late Shift

Dir: Shira Baron

Best Cinematographer

Gone Mom

DOP: Amy Belling

Best Editor & Honorable Mention Series

The Coroner's Assistant Pilot

Editor: Remy Gareau

Best Composer &Honorable Mention Director:


Dir: Elmira Gilman


Zoe & Bryn

Dir: Maura Smith

Best First Time Filmmaker



Best Science Fiction

The Queue

Dir: Laurie Waplington

Best International Filmmaker


Dir: Samar Minallah Khan

Best Series-Web-Pilot

Pink Is In Pilot

Dir: Aharon Jinihashvili

Best Unproduced Feature Script

Writer: Sil Brook

Best Unproduced Short Script

Writer: Theresa Peterson


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