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Annual screening of Venice Shorts in Sepulveda Theater

The Next annual screening of Venice Shorts will be in Sepulveda screening theater on December 15th, 2022. The festival will screen the best short films of the year in drama, documentary, animation, experimental and student genres. The filmmakers who are from LA will be present at the event with their cast and crew. The event is a none ticketed event in order to create further exposure for the best short films of the year.

Venice Shorts of California has been selecting, promoting and screening U.S. and international films in the past few years and it has turned into a very popular indie festival.

The festival brings together some of the most talented international and American indie short filmmakers to compete and screen their projects and create further publicity and exposure.

The IMDb qualifying event has become very popular in the past few years.

The festival alumni and winners include Oscar winners and nominees such as Gus Van Sant, Jessica Chastain, Eric Robert, Jeremy Irons and more. It is interesting how well-known names in the film industry have taken parts in indie shorts and have presented their films in Venice Shorts.

The festival aims to discover indie film projects but also encourages established names in the industry to take part in creation of short films as producers, directors, actors and writers.

If you are in the LA County, do not miss out the next annual screening of Venice Shorts on December 15th, 2 PM to 4Pm in Sepulveda Screening room.


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