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Hollywood Discovery Awards

Hollywood Discovery Awards is about the promotion and discovery of indie shorts and features of all genres from all over the globe. The competition is dedicated to the artists working on a variety of genres from US and abroad. It is important to promote and recognize low budget indie films and Hollywood Discovery Awards has done a fantastic job when it comes to the discovery of emerging artists.

Here is the list to the winners of the fest:

Best Short Narrative Fantasy of Companionship between Human and Inanimate (English) version Directors: Susan Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia, Christina Teenz Tan

Best Short Documentary Louie (KR.ONE) Gasparro 5POINTZ Director: Eirini Alligiannis

Best Feature Documentary Pat Walsh The Life And Legacy Of An Irish Revolutionary Director: Michael Benson

Best Animation Office Pool: Orientation Director: Rory D.L. Moorer

Best Experimental Man with Shadow Director: Ema Kugler

Best Student Film New Beginnings Directo: Evine Abbasy

Best Music Video Broken Bones Director: Ron David Longo

Best Female Director The Other Road Director: Jennifer Steinman Sternin

Best Actress Generosity Emily Anna Bell

Best Actor Stefan Lia Migrant Birds

Best Cinematography Manhattan Moments Chuck Fishbein

Best Editor Adam Jones Nothing

Best Short Screenplay Ernest Hemingway, Leo Tolstoy, Anais Nin and Jane Austen Walk Into A Bar. Writer: Ben Ulm

Best Feature Screenplay MIXED SPIRITS Writer: Howard Barry Kaplan


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