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5th Edition of LA Independent Women Film Awards

Across 114 countries, women comprise only 24% of the people we read about, see, or hear from on television, radio, and in the newspapers, according to one study spanning 20 years. To tackle this issue, some festivals are focusing their efforts on increasing representation of women in the media. LA Independent Women Film Awards is an emerging international festival which has dedicated itself to selecting and promoting female talents from the U.S. and all over the globe. The festival also provides online screenings throughout the year to all the award winners who are interested in screening their projects online. The team consists of award winning jury members, working as women in film in media. LA Independent Film Awards has released the winners of the 5th edition of the festival.

Best Narrative Feature & Best Female Director & Best Actress

Ghosting Gloria

Dirs: Marcela Matta, Mauro Sarser

Starring: Stefanía Tortorella

Best Feature Director & Best Producer& Best Cinematographer & Best Composer

The Crying Steppe

Dir: Marina Kunarova

DOP: Alexandr Rubanov

Music: Aman Mukalay, Ravil Yesboluly

Producers: Yernar Malikov, Yesseniya Abenova

Honorable Mention Female Director

Director: Do Thanh An

Best Documentary Feature

17 And Life Doesn't Wait

Dir: Maureen Judge

Best Documentary Short

Daughters of Revolution Eritrea - Peace in Times of War

Dir: Christine Vogelsang

Best Narrative Short

The Blow Out Day

Dir: Rebecca Engen Isaksen

Honorable Mention Narrative Short:


Dir: Hervine De Boodt

Best Short Director

April Kills The Vibe

Dir: Bonnie Mckee

Best Editor

After Masks

Editor: Josie Azzam



Dir: Emily Ruhl

Best Student Film

Before You

Dir: Gia-Rayne Briana Harris

Best L.A. Filmmaker

April Kills The Vibe

Dir: Bonnie Mckee

Best Series-Web-Pilot


Dir: Paradox Delilah

Best First Time Filmmaker


Dir: Mara D'Alò Fonseca

Best Music Video

Guns Out

Dirs: Melahn Atkinson, Talia Keys

Best Science Fiction

Petition for Alien Spouse

Dir: Sumin You

Best Experimental

Bird Keeper

Dir: Linda Dahlem

Best Horror


Dir: LaShaunte Wade

Best Animation


Dir: Lindsey Martin

Best Produced Script

The Crying Steppe

Writer: Marina Kunarova

Best Unproduced Script

Once in A Lifetime Comes A Man

Writer: Anne Gold


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