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Nicolas Cage was going to play Superman in Tim Burton’s film

Nicolas Cage has a fascinating history with DC as he was set to play Superman in Tim Burton’s Superman Lives, which is a film that never got made. There’s was a great documentary made on the unmade film, but it’s been back in the news because of the release of The Flash.

After all these years, we actually got to see Cage in action as Superman, and it sure was a lot of fun! Now, Cage appears as Superman again on the cover of an upcoming DC comic book, Batman/Superman: World's Finest #19.

Rolling Stone shared the art which was created by artist Dan Mora and it shows Batman and Superman in the Batcave, and they're joined by Nicolas Cage in a different, darker version of Superman's costume. Also, instead of the "S" insignia on his chest, Cage's suit has an "N" for his name.

Mora told Rolling Stone, "I grew up watching Nic Cage's movies and am a big fan of his. I was excited that he finally got a chance to play Superman in The Flash and I did my best to pay tribute to him in that role. Nic is a great actor that injects so much energy into his roles. You can't help but imagine what his Superman would be like."


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