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Winners of LA Sun Film Fest

LA Sun has turned into a popular online film festival throughout the past few years and the festival committee has been selecting, promoting and awarding independent arthouse film projects from U.S and international artists dedicated to the cinematic language. It is with great pleasure for us to announce the latest winners of LA Sun Film Fest.

Best Narrative Short Film

Modern Maximum

Dir: Edmond Carrère

Best Director

On a white horse

Dir: Cezary Hładki

Best Feature Documentary Film

The Nine O'clock Whistle

Dir: Willa Cofield

Best Experimental


Dir: Desiree Faust, Stefana D. Brancastle

Best Horror


Dir: Tammy Klembith

Best Student Film & Best Animation

Winter Colours

Dir: Adrianna Wieczorek

Best Music Video


Dir: Jay Miles

Best Web/TV Pilot/Series

AVA: A Twist in the Road

Dir: Catherane Skillen

Best Actress

Sylwia Góra

For: On a white horse

Best Actor

Mahmoud Mahmoud

For: Method

Best Script

On a white horse

Writer: Michal Włodarczyk and Cezary Hładki

Best Unproduced Script


Writer: Ronny Jay

Best Cinematography

Best Editor

On a white horse

DOP and Editor: Cezary Hładki

Best Producer


Producer: Tracee Bebee, Philip Guiitar, Brandon Torres, Ven Scott

Best Indie Film


Dir: Ven Scott


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